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Milford Guide is available free for iOS and Android, best on handsets and small tablets. It  is 100% offline because there is no mobile coverage between Te Anau and Milford Sound, yet is still a very modest download. Milford guide is free and it just works, no downloads, no in app purchases, no advertising.

Milford Guide can be used interactivly on the road and on the boat, or it can be read like a book using the table of contents panel. Every potential point of interest is covered, it includes historic information, weather data, all camp sites and accomodation, every possible walk, photo locations, useful links and much more. 

The Milford Guide interface is intuitive and familiar, it behaves just as you would expect without drawing attention away from the content and your surroundings.

If you enable geolocation then it will track your location on a high resolution, retina ready map with over 100 waypoints marked. Waypoints open a popup which can be tapped to navigate to a story. The right panel displays a stack of location cards in sequence and they can also be used to navigate to a story. The heading of every story navigates to its location on the map. 

Milford Guide is designed to help you to make the best of your time as you explore new territory.

Privacy Policy

Milford Guide does not collect any data and does not communicate with the world in any way. If you follow an external link it will open in your default browser. No exernal links have been paid for, they are provided as a matter of convenience only. External links only work when you have an internet connection. If you choose to leave feedback your default email client will automaticaly open a draft and you choose when to send your comments. 

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